The Company

North Events is a highly specialized communication and consulting agency for the Greek tourism industry.
We provide consulting services mainly for the tourism sector and the export product industry, organizers of the first exclusive exhibition for Greece in Scandinavia, Grekland Panorama and are publishers of the first travel magazine editions for Greece initially available in 4 countries & 4 local languages (Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark). Our services include planning and organizing marketing campaigns, exhibitions, promotional events, road shows, publishing and internet marketing.


  • Being the first company specializing in communicating Greek tourism, culture & products abroad.
  • Maintaining leadership in producing innovative ideas and concepts deriving from our long term experience and know how.
  • Enhancing Greece’s core activities in major markets of Scandinavia.
  • Exploring novel opportunities in new markets and countries.
  • Strengthening our publishing activities across Europe and the world by cooperating with leading distribution companies.

How we work

We work closely together with our clients to comprehend the full range of capacities, strengths and weaknesses involved. Our main moto is to bring new inspiration to the way we market your service or product.  Experience is the second element we bring into our work to create a unique campaign strategy, specially tailored to your marketing needs.

The team

We are a personal and professional team with in depth experience in the fields of tourism & export products cooperating with leading companies and experts.
Our motivation for creating unique marketing campaigns and innovative, highly targeted promotions is a result of our constant observation and study of the fast changing and challenging international market.

The Company

Panorama World Festival 2018 Tourism, gastronomy and culture

February 17, 2018 @ 10:00 am
February 18, 2018 @4:00 pm

For the first year we proudly present a festival where we celebrate the culture, tourism and gastronomy from the Mediterranean region. During this weekend you will meet representatives from Mediterranean countries, regions, hotels, travel agents, destinations, culture and traditional Mediterranean gastronomy.

Event Information

Green Tourism & Sustainability for Greece

Green Tourism & Sustainability for Greece

A private initiative for communicating Green tourism practices in Greece by participating in international fairs & conferences abroad. The “Sustainable Greece” campaign is a milestone on promoting… green companies and regions from the tourism and product industry in international..

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