Take the time to review our story … the story of a journey from daring new concepts in marketing status-quo to great functional ideas and business successes.
Innovation and trying new concepts has been our tag line since the beginning!

Our history in promoting tourism services and products begins in 2002, when a highly skilled team of marketing & sales professionals in a leading IT business company in Greece decided to bring inventiveness and imagination into marketing Greece abroad. By focusing on Greece’s most important export product; tourism, a complex multi-leveled approach was adopted by combining online and offline marketing campaigns in Greece & internationally. By introducing the first web portal for Greece and combining cross media advertising such as in, CNN TV network, CNN Traveller Magazine, BusinessWeek Online, BusinessWeek magazine, ABC News, etc., a new world of opportunities became possible.



2003 – 2006
In 2003 a new company is founded, Choose Media SA, which deploys project “choose Greece” to its greatest potential; in light of the Athens Olympic Games 2004. Exclusive sponsorships for 2 years in CNN and BusinessWeek international editions became the country’s greatest marketing campaigns. Furthermore, the company becomes founder and organizer of the “Greek Tourism Information Kiosks” road show tour in German speaking countries. The road show soon becomes a “must-go-to-event” inGermany, Austria and Switzerland. Over 100sq.m. exhibition space for Greece for a 3 month period every year, in more than 7 major train stations and airports feature top tourism destinations, companies, hotels, events, competitions, etc. Due to the wide appeal of the campaign, acquiring strategic and exclusive co operations with Deutsche Eisenbahn Reklame (German Railways) and international airports in Austria and Switzerland were straightforwardly achieved. One of the largest promotions that took place from within the exhibition in Stuttgart Railway Station was for the promotion of Eurovision Song Contest winner, Helena Paparizou in 2005 attracting more than 5.000 visitors on her live performance!

Many successes led chooseGREECE and the Tourism Information Kiosks to gain the attention and liability of our clients. From local authorities & regions to the Greek Ministry, from the local hotel owner to the larger hotel chains, airliners, ferries and Greek brands became our “partners” in creating innovative theme campaigns across central Europe. Publishing the first mini – travel guide for Greece was later to become a milestone step for the publishing activities to follow in the upcoming years. The mini-travel guide, titled after chooseGreece, became a flexible marketing tool for thousands of German speaking people, found throughout the most reputable German magazines with over 600.000 copies per edition such as in Der Spiegel, Schweizer Touristik,Abenteuer Und Reisen, Touristik Report etc.

With the event of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, a new product idea came in the works! Pocket media solution, Z Card®, became the newest “gadget” tool for advertising and marketing. All accreditation cards for the Olympics, official sponsors and supporters used the Z Card® for getting their message across to the vast visiting public in Athens. The overwhelming success led to the opening of a new sister company dealing exclusively with Z Cards and Z Maps with new factory investments in Greece and a total graphic support team of designers.



2007 – 2011
After 5 years of constantly working with new ideas, products and experimenting with various campaigns, the team decided to move on to a more focused strategy plan for addressing less known – yet very promising markets to Greece, such as the Scandinavian & Baltic Region, Poland, Romania, etc. while at the same time maintaining activities in the German countries and the UK. C&L Media Ltd. was founded and took a step further in demonstrating a highly strategic outlook in executing very specific project campaigns.

Press conferences, fashion shows, gastronomy events, exhibitions, events & promotions on account of Greece’s most reputable companies and government institutions was a rollercoaster of exciting new opportunities.
Turning the attention to B2B audiences was yet another landmark when organizing the first Scandinavian tourism workshop for Greece with over 30 leading hotels in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
One of the most challenging promotions planned were the 2009 & 2010 campaigns with “Greece at Harrods”, the road shows in UK’s greatest stations, the IKEA stores campaign in Sweden, Sweden’s top supermarket chains, open air exhibitions across Scandinavian’s most popular squares and parks, etc.

Deciding to enter the publishing field was yet another demanding achievement to conquer. By organizing several events and campaigns, it became even more so evident that a magazine edition for Greece was truly missing in the picture. Within 2 years the company managed to design, publish and distribute 4 separate magazine editions in 4 local languages (free press) in 4 countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. The magazines have been published ever since with articles and reviews on top and less known Greek destinations, culinary news, and useful info. In March 2010 a new magazine was launched for the German speaking countries with the cooperation of DPV, Germany’s leading distribution company. Griechenland edition was published twice a year and despite the turbulent times for Greece and negative political climate, it gained the attention of not only its readers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg, but also got great comments from reputable editors and reporters.

Teaming up with highly esteemed companies & experts in the Scandinavian countries, while working on several campaigns and projects, it became evident that a more permanent presentation for Greece, for its tourism and products, was needed. North Events is founded with new offices in Oslo, Norway with the task of promoting the Greek tourism and export product industry to a growing market of several million. The founding of the first “Hellenic Travel and Trade Center” in January 2011 is the backbone of all consulting and marketing activities for Greece in the greater Scandinavian region.



2012 – 2013
Travel fairs in Scandinavia have become one of our main activities as a number of esteemed companies from the private tourism sector as well as prominent destinations trust their presentation with participating in our stands as our key co-exhibitors. The fairs include Reiseliv, Reiselivsmessen, Matka, Ferie for Alle, TUR etc.
A new concept for promoting Green Tourism in Greece becomes our second priority for bringing together all Green Key hotels, and Blue Flag beaches and marinas under one campaign theme, touring the Europe’s leading exhibitions (WTM London, ITB Berlin, etc.)
The new campaign for 2014 is titled “Sustainable Greece” to include all green certified tourism businesses as well as sustainable tourism practices and accomodations/ services from around Greece.
Poland becomes one of our most important markets for promoting tourism and culinary Greece. Functions such as press conferences, events, promotions and upcoming exhibitions with all major tos of Poland will soon be announced for 2014.



2014 – 2015
Yet, the biggest project and milestone in our pathway was the planning of the first exclusive fair for Greece, in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden, GREKLAND PANORAMA. Opening dates 14-16 February 2014, Globe Arenas, Annexete Hall. Over 7.000 visitors, 115 exhibitors, 22 destinations from Greece and Cyprus, constituted an amazign success on this first exclusive exhibition for Greece.
The second exhibition for Greece, in Feb. 13-15, 2015, is moving to a bigger venue, the Ericsson Globe.
GREKLAND PANORAMA is under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Tourism – the Greek National Tourism Organization, the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE), the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, the Hellenic Hotel Federation, the Hellenic Association of Travel and Tourist Agencies, and the Hellenic-Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

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