The only free press editions for Greece

“Kalimera Greece” are the only editions for travelling to Greece, including gastronomy and local cuisine sections, cultural insights, … and so much more!

Since 2008, North Events has been the exclusive publisher of the only free press magazine editions on Greece for the Scandinavian countries. All focus on travel and taste (gastronomy & Greek products) including interviews, presentations and extended editorials with rich photographic themes, in 4 local language editions: Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish.

As publisher, North Events seeks to bring out the best of Greece into one complete edition for satisfying even the most experienced traveller.  The aim is to cover not only the most popular tourism destinations but also the yet undiscovered paradises – the very particular traditions, local culture and fascinating activities that a traveller will seek to experience when on holiday.

Read an e-format on one of our previous editions here:
Edition for Sweden
Edition for Norway
Edition for Denmark
Edition for Finland
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