The Greek Travel & Trade Center opens its doors in Warsaw this April!
– A significant private initiative for stregthening the Greek presence in one of Europes most dynamic markets, Poland

The Greek Tourism & Trade Center is a private initiative from Greek stationed company Future Need in cooperation with North Events Company with the purpose of providing a permanent presence in the Polish market for promoting tourism to Greece and Greek products & gastronomy.

The objectives of the Greek Centre is to strengthen the identity and branding of Greece for both the tourism industry and exported products, to become a modern information provider for the public and for businesses and organizations of Poland, and to help channel communication between Greek and Polish sides in order to develop partnerships and synergies.

The offices of the Greek Centre open this April in the commercial center of Warsaw, from where, 365 days a year, visitors and businesses will be informed of tourism destinations, services, businesses and products from all over Greece.
Poland is the 8th largest economy in the European Union and the 21st largest worldwide (* on annual GDP) counting almost 39 million potential consumers. Additionally, the economic growth rate in Poland is among the fastest growing in Europe as it has a strong domestic market, low private debt and monetary flexibility.

For Greece both the tourism and the product industries are enjoying considerable growth in Poland and have the potential to achieve even higher growth prospects. It is characteristic that in the period 2015 Polish visitors to Greece exceeded 700,000, recording an overall increase of 50% from 2013-2014.
Respectively, in the period 2009 – 2014 the Greek exports industry exceeded EUR 300 million, registering an increase of 60%. Main export products are as fresh fruits, cheeses, fresh fish and steaks and olive oil.

The Greek Tourism and Trade Center apart from its informative character and role, is plans and organizes promotions and advertising programs, events and presentations, specialized campaigns for tourism and food / products as well as operates an up-to-date press office. Among the most important activities of the Centre it the year around support and coordination of the exhibition events GRECKA PANORAMA and THE GREEK FOOD FESTIVAL which for 2016 will take place on 2-4 December at the National Stadium Warsaw PGE NARODOWY.

Above all, the strategy and main purpose of the Greek Center – that supersedes all above activities – is to meet the need for a permanent, continuous, annual presentation for the sectors of Greek tourism and Greek products in one of the most important and rapidly developing economies of Europe.

For more information in Poland you may contact:
Greek Travel & Trade Center
Address: Ul. Nowogrodzka 42, 00-695 Warszawa, Polska
Tel. +48 22 255 08 01

And in Greece:
Tel. lines +30 210 9734859, +30 210 9713281

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