1st Exhibition GRECKA PANORAMA Poland

The First Dedicated Exhibition
for Greece in Poland
• GRECKA PANORAMA: 11-12-13 December 2015
At the TORWAR Arena Exhibition Hall!
All about Travel to Greece and Gastronomy, Products

GRECKA PANORAMA I CYPR is the only dedicated travel & taste fair for Greece in the heart of Poland in Warsaw. Exhibition Dates for the public: 12-13.12.2015, venue TORWAR, Business Day: 11.12.2015. The exhibition featured a number of hotels, travel agencies, destinations, services, traditional Greek gastronomy & products, tastings and more. Big travel offers to Greece and product tastings only available during the fair’s dates and traditional Greek gastronomy and products were amongst the main attractions.

Over 5.000 visitors, 100 exhibitors, over 14 tour operators and travel agencies from Poland, many newly presented destinations from Greece, accounted for a great success in this first exhibition!

Download Full Report here in Greek language and here in English language.

For more information on the 2nd GRECKA PANORAMA I CYPR please contact us at info@north-e.com.
New dates to be announced for beginning December 2016, this March.

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